By Bridget Quinn

It’s the drive to be valuable to members which has led to the questions in this year’s Scarborough Business Association (SBA) business survey.

An online survey  will provide the Scarborough Business Association with direction as it moves forward as the voice of the business community in Toronto’s east.

“We learned much about the business community in last summer’s survey,” said SBA President Peter Haggert. “This year we’re concentrating on the community needs hoping to reflect the results in our advocacy, event programming, and education plans.”

The survey should provide feedback that will allow the association to recognize any success the SBA has had the previous year and identify areas to improve. The SBA makes an effort to provide training opportunities that drive businesses forward, host events that allow members to meet others in order to build leads and influence. The research conducted through the survey helps the organization grow the local business community, allowing business leaders to get involved and provide insight.

The survey was administered by this year’s summer students, “In order to increase member value, it is vital that we hear from the members themselves. Having the opportunity to receive feedback is vital for the success of the SBA,” said Derron Yu, the Summer Membership Coordinator at the SBA.

SBA attempts to bridge the gap between local businesses in order to create a community within Scarborough. Utilizing the skills and opportunities within the region help to improve the local economy. “Getting involved with the SBA is a great way of giving back to your local community to help Scarborough businesses thrive for Scarborough businesses, by Scarborough businesses,” said Board member, Luki Danukarjanto.

The membership survey will provide the information needed to help the SBA improve the opportunities available in Scarborough. The survey can be accessed here  as well as on all social media platforms.