Project Description

This project will provide funding to formally establish an “Association” of businesses located in and near the stretch of Eglinton Avenue known as “The Golden Mile”.  The project will require identification, contract with and organization of the local businesses with several objectives flowing from helping existing businesses to survive the impact of LRT construction and the pandemic.  It is intended that this initiative will lead to opportunities for local residents, resulting from a higher rate of survival of the existing businesses, through more businesses accessing Community Benefits, to the urban environment.  Opportunities for local residents will include both amenities and employment.

The project will be managed under the leadership of the Scarborough Business Association.  Funding will allow the SBA to hire a project coordinator to lead research, collaboration with the businesses and with community partners including the United Way (ILEO initiative), Scarborough Community Renewal Organization (SCRO) and Economic Development & Culture Division (Business Retention & Expansion and the BIA Offices).  These partner organizations will help equity-seeking groups and targeted businesses access opportunities created by this initiative.

The SBA will conduct a feasibility study on the formation of an association and will prepare an initial business plan for the formation of an association (applicable to the Feasibility), and will recruit potential members under SBA auspices.  The project will fund the establishment and initial operations of a Golden Mile Business “Group”.  The project will also support connecting these businesses with business opportunities arising from planned development in the area, starting with the construction of the Crosstown LRT and including private sector development.

As part of the recent (local employment development) study, the Golden Mile area has been identified as a potential location for Community Benefits opportunities, including recruitment of local, equity-seeking employees.  This work has begun and needs to be expanded.  SBA will connect with the United Way’s ILEO initiative to ensure the work to date provides a foundation for the project.  Local Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIA) stakeholders will be consulted to ensure the foundations of the Business Group are attuned to the needs of the local population.

Andrea Hazell | President, The Scarborough Business Association, Inc.


From time to time we will provide updates on the project status in this space. Check back on a regular basis bother here and at our events tab for updated information .

Two weeks into the Golden Mile Project, we have:

  • Created a directory of 400+ businesses and contacts in the Golden Mile area
  • On the ground activities (from Warden/Eglinton to Kennedy/Eglinton) listening to business owners’ concerns and their survival stories
  • Sent 500+ emails introducing SBA to businesses and inviting them to our events
  • Made 400+ phone calls to create touchpoints with businesses
  • Hosted our first in our series of business development webinars “How to Scale Up Your Business Online” with 40 registrants. The topic was chosen based on the expressed need of Golden Mile business representatives.

The Scarborough Business Association has developed an extensive list of events through the end of the year to encourage interaction between members of the Golden Mile business community, whether it’s learning webinars or simply networking opportunities.

All SBA events will be held in the Golden Mile district through the end of 2021.

After 5 networking sessions:

  • Arkadia Restaurant (Also SBA annual meeting) – Sat. Nov. 27th
  • Location TBA – Tues. Dec. 7th
  • Location TBA – Fri. Dec. 17th

Career Fair:

Thursday Mar, 3th

Town Hall Meeting:

Friday Mar. 25th

See our events page here for registration and event details. The page will be updated as event information becomes available.