You can’t keep a good community down – and a new Scarborough Business Association project aims to prove Scarborough’s business community is resilient and ready for recovery.

You can find the vlog collection here.

The SBA is launching a new vlog (a video blog) The SBA Vlog: Celebrating Scarborough Businesses asking members to share their challenges in an uncertain economy, stories of economic recovery and expectations for the future.

The project is spearheaded by Zuba Memon, a SBA director, from Business Development Bank of Canada. “We’re all in this together. It’s our hope these videos can share some recovery tips, provide some recognition for the recovery efforts of Scarborough business – and along the way show the diversity of our business community and our shared passion for Scarborough.

The first video of the series is by Gillian Mason of the Gillian Mason Consultancy. “COVID has hit us all hard myself included – but that has intensified my determination to ensure Scarborough comes out ahead,” said Mason. You can find the video here.

For more information or to participate in the series, please contact