Position: Membership Coordinator
Hourly Wage Rate: $15

About the Scarborough Business Association

“We are intensely focused on helping Scarborough business by driving prosperity, creating forums for networking, providing education and opportunity. We recognize Scarborough’s strengths of location, skilled labour and diversity. Strong business benefits the entire community.”

It takes hard work and continuous renewal to keep a business steered straight for the future. The Scarborough Business Association wants to provide the tools for prosperity. Whether we are a broker of information on opportunity, the identifier of business community’s education need or the provider of networking opportunities we believe it’s through the collective effort of the business community itself that we will all grow and prosper.

The Scarborough Business Association (SBA) provides a support system to develop and further the interests of local companies and businesses in Scarborough. All activities of the SBA are focused on promoting industry best practices, education, local economic development, collaboration and partnerships, networking opportunities, and a positive image for the region. SBA makes efforts to ensure that Scarborough receives the attention and the investment it needs for revitalization, economic growth and job creation. In order to achieve these outcomes, the SBA is looking for a team member in the role of Membership Coordinator representing the youth of the community with notions and ideas to strengthen our rich Canadian identity.

The Membership Coordinator will assist SBA in promoting economic growth in communities through different initiatives such as, developing membership acquisition strategies, and executing acquisition activities to increasing membership. The purpose of this position is to help SBA achieve its goals to assist small businesses in the Scarborough region to lead innovation and development initiatives and ultimately contributing to creation of new jobs

If you believe in this mission, if you believe in Scarborough, and believe as we do that there is immense potential for the future, then join the Scarborough Business Association and strengthen the voice of business in the community!
Find out more here: https://scarboroughbusinessassociation.com

Tasks and Responsibilities:

The tasks and responsibilities of this position will include:

  • Identify potential SBA member segments and an appropriate acquisition strategy for each segment (i.e. previous members for renewals, high probability new members, student membership, etc.)
    • Gather information about potential members that will lend to developing an appropriate value proposition for each segment
    • Assist SBA in helping members by developing and maintaining a database on Scarborough businesses for potential memberships
    • Executing acquisition activities based on the developed strategies and collaborating with marketing activities where required
    • Assist in proposing and promoting affinity offerings and other value-add membership features for SBA members
    • Participate in strategic planning meetings
    • Participate and assist in special events like ‘Networking Breakfast’ and ‘Networking After 5’ events
    • Perform other miscellaneous duties as assigned
    To be eligible for this position, candidates will be expected to have the following qualifications:
    • This position is only open to students registered in a Canadian University or College program studying business, economics, social sciences, statistics or related discipline
    • The candidate must be returning to full-time study upon the completion of this temporary work term
    • Between the age of 15 and 30 years at the start of the employment
    • Self-motivated, detail-oriented with strong written, verbal & organizational skills
    • Excellent computer skills with experience in Microsoft Office
    • Ability to work independently and with others
    • Ability to gather data and perform market analysis
    • Openness to learning
    • Familiarity with and interest in the community of Scarborough

Please submit a cover letter and resume to:

info@scarboroughbusinessassociation.com before 11:59 PM Fri, May 18, 2018
Thank you for your interest and note that only successful candidates will be contacted.
Expected June 2018 start