When we were first starting to see the effects of COVID-19 in our community and in our business world, the SBA struck a COVID-19 response task force.

This volunteer committee meets weekly (and communicates regularly in between) to carry out a program of support and understanding for the business community. Through this committee the Scarborough Business Association has adopted these programs of support:

Our Cyber Breakfast

Each Wednesday from 9:15 to 10 am the SBA holds a Cyber Breakfast. It’s a webinar with a business or government leader shedding light on community and business issues and programs t0 deal with COVID-19. It’s also a forum to provide some ideas and opportunities for businesses to grow and develop despite the uncertainty of the economy.

Your voice is heard

We are working with government and other organizations to make sure the business voice is heard. We aim to  reflect your needs are reflected during these difficult times. We have found political and community leadership want feedback and are listening and reacting to your message. Please join our Cyber Breakfast series and take part in the Q&A sessions.

Our website as a resource

We have chosen to  display COID-19 response efforts prominently on the SBA website at www.scarboroughbusinessassociation.com. You will find listings of upcoming events, a library of links to our previous Cyber Breakfast recordings. You’ll see key government agency sites and media clipping re: the business community and COVID-19. You’ll also find and information regarding other SBA programs and appeals.

Scarborough Health Network support

As part of its COVID-19 response, The SBA has chosen the SHN Emergency Fund as an to encourage your support. SHN is urgently seeking help to purchase medical equipment that will enable their teams to properly and effectively care for Scarborough patients and families affected by COVID-19. The need is now. Please aid if you can.

Celebrating Scarborough Business Vlog

Periodically we’ll post the story of one Scarborough business – how they are coping with economic disruption, lessons they’ve learned and advice for others steaming toward economic recovery. Vlog participation is open to any Scarborough Business Association member business. If you are interested in participating contact info@scarboroughbusinessassociation.com . Here is a list of Vlog’s already available to view.

The Scarborough Business Learning Hub

What would you say if you were offered free or next to free training in Office 365 programs? In workplace management? Marketing? Sales? Even life skills? Well the Scarborough Business Learning Hub offers more than 50 webinars, usually 60 to 90 minutes full of valuable skills and information. The goal of the hub is to help business skills expand and businesses improve despite the economic difficulties. Check out https://pwyc.corpu.ca and sign up for a course!

Compassionate membership rate relief

The SBA had dropped membership fees through June 30 by at least 50% in all categories. We did this to help encourage businesses to join and support business community-minded programming. In good times and through challenges, the SBA provides networking opportunities, educational and business opportunities for its membership. We’d love to provide such a program again, but, well, we need the support and revenue right now to continue our fine line of programming.